Nearly 90 percent of Americans support healthcare price transparency

The bipartisan Sick Act is gaining momentum as experts’ vocal support

Americans want more healthcare transparency and lower prices. Bipartisan patient codeLed by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Ranking Member Frank Ballon, Jr. (D-NJ), they will help Americans get the right care, at the right time, at a price they can afford.

solutions in patient code—such as increasing price transparency and addressing the cost of prescription drugs—Supported by the vast majority of Americans. almost 90% of Americans support strengthening price transparency requirements and approx 85% of Americans would prefer solutions that prevent them from having to pay more for their prescription drugs than for their insurance company.

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Last month, the US House Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously passed the Sick Act (HR 3561), Which requires hospitals and health insurance companies to publish real prices for their medical services. Representatives Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Washington) and Frank Balon (DNJ) sponsor the legislation, one of six The bipartisan committee measures to help patients and improve the performance of the nation’s troubled healthcare markets.

Today, few health care policy proposals attract broad, bipartisan support. However, healthcare price transparency is one of those rare “unicorns”. In this case, bipartisanship has been strengthened, largely because the Biden administration has done so Embrace and move on The Trump administration’s groundbreaking regulatory effort to require hospitals and health insurance companies to disclose their true rates.

nearly 90 percent From Americans supporting healthcare price transparency, Washington has a golden opportunity to improve the lives of millions of Americans through a more competitive and affordable healthcare market. in The latest report of the Heritage Foundationwe have selected several policy options for Congress for your consideration, which would benefit all Americans.

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Next up: Patient Act (Enhance access to treatments and increase much-needed law transparency) to address healthcare costs by increasing transparency and competition. After several hearings, the bill passed through the Energy and Commerce Committee 49-0, and a vote in the House is expected in July. Here is a file swear by swear summary.

One reason for this progress is that the legislative process is going through a “orderly system” for the first time in years.

This means that a member proposes a legislative idea, hearings are held, and the relevant subcommittee considers the bill and submits it to the full committee. Then the full committee discusses the procedure, and if it is approved, it goes to the hall to vote, after going through the Rules Committee which decides the process of submitting amendments.

Here’s what’s happening right now, straight from Civics 101.

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